SaaS Pricing Canvas Guide

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SaaS Pricing Canvas™

In SaaS, nothing happens without a trigger. Explore how you can use your pricing structure as a trigger to acquire, convert, monetize, and mobilize your customers, and increase their lifetime value.

Forget about what your pricing is. Figure out how your pricing drives growth and scale.

In SaaS nothing happens without a trigger. Your pricing structure can act as a trigger to help drive the monetizable user behaviors. Your pricing structure drives acquisition by aligning the  benefits received by the different types of buyers. Likewise, it drives monetization by informing your offer structure to match your customers' willingness-pay. Finally, your pricing structure can help introduce various mobilization strategies to not only convert free plans to paying plans but also to graduate lower paying tiers to higher paying tiers by introducing the right caps, fences, and triggers. 

"We found the pricing canvas workshop eye-opening! It completely changed our understanding of how pricing should be created and controlled using process and data. Can't recommend enough!"

Colin Hirdman

Co-Founder, Augurian

Get your team together

Pricing is multi-disciplinary. Get your product, marketing, sales, and finance team together.

Set aside two half-days

Set aside at least half a day. Collect the relevant data and validate your inputs.Get together for another half day.

Focus on growth

First identify a specific growth path. Then create the pricing and monetization strategy to execute that growth.

How to make best of the Pricing Canvas™?

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